1LUX was originally a reselling / personal shopping business which was ran exclusively through social media platforms. Today, the team continue to operate via their website & online channels, as well as providing a high-end in-store experience within their Glasgow City Centre location and newly Newcastle City Centre Location.
1LUX specialise in both the buying and selling of exclusive clothing and footwear, which cannot be found in typical fashion retailers due to the limited availability of the items - combined with insane levels of  consumer demand.
As a result of the sought-after nature of the goods which we stock, 1LUX offer a sourcing service. If we happen to have the right model of shoe, but not the right size, our team can cater towards our clients exact needs and track down their desired item(s).
Thanks to years of experience dealing within this niche market, 1LUX ensures all products sold are brand new and 100% authentic.